Wills & Probate

The number of people who die in the UK without having made a will is surprising.  It can be very straightforward to put your affairs in order, setting out in a simple will who you want to receive the benefit of your possessions and wealth once you’ve gone.  The cost of a simple will from Solicitors Title is very reasonable and even where your intentions are more complex, we can produce a more detailed will for you to reflect your requirements.

Probate is the name often given to the process of administering a person’s estate after they have gone.  An executor (where there is a will) or an administrator (where not) is responsible for dealing with anything involved during probate.  We guide executors or administrators through the whole process; minimising unnecessary disruption to you during what we understand is a difficult time.

Our support can involve registering the death, obtaining grant of probate, notifying banks, utility companies and government bodies, arranging the valuation of property and personal items, identifying and dealing with any debts or liabilities, closing accounts and taking control of other assets.  Our residential conveyancing lawyers can liaise with agents and complete the sale of property, as part of completing the whole process.

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