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  • Supporting World Cancer Day 2019; CRUK

    Together with Cancer Research UK, Solicitors Title is delighted to be holding an event on Thursday 14th February 2019 at Yeovil Innovation Centre (our Yeovil office) raising awareness around the impact of cancer, how you can help (including via Cancer Research UK’s Free Will Service) and the international research undertaken from the money raised, in support of World Cancer Day 2019.

    Cancer Research UK is working with a number of other cancer charities, through World Cancer Day, to raise awareness and further support the work that they do. Each year, funds raised support thousands of scientists, doctors and nurses to accelerate progress in the fight against over 200 types of cancer.

    Over a third of the research undertaken by Cancer Research UK into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer is funded through supporters leaving a legacy to the charity via their will; as a result we are proud to be part of CRUK’s Free Wills Service, locally.

    Sadly, one in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. The generous gifts left by people through wills help cancer charities to continue their work to beat cancer sooner.

    For more information about leaving a legacy gift and Cancer Research UK’s free will service, visit or contact us

    2019 marks Solicitors Title’s 21st Anniversary year and the firm’s 6th year based in Somerset making their team accessible to local individuals and families.

    Posted: 16/12/2018
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  • Wanting to Expand but don’t know how: Considering how to Franchise your Business

    How it begins:

    You start your own business; it may initially be for you but in time you might think about how you might grow – a natural option would be a new location. This starts a journey towards growth.  So you might hire someone in the new area.  But, after all of your hard work building your brand, money, time resources, making your product or service unique, can you really entrust your business reputation into the hands of an employee who might start doing things that are not in line with your original vision; next might come bad reviews, customer service issues, considerable management time overseeing your new location to get them back into line with your original blueprint.  So in reality, you don’t grow.  Instead, how are you going to grow without these potential issues in the way?

    The Solution:

    There is one word that alleviates all of these problems: franchising.

    Posted: 12/08/2018
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  • A Toolkit and a Practical Solution for GDPR – 25th May

    We have been actively working on GDPR for almost a year now, helping clients and contacts navigate the changes that this new data protection law will bring about. Sadly, many have been misled, remain confused or, despite attending lots of seminars, are still lost as to what to do! Is this you?

    With GDPR taking effect one week today, there is little time, but there is time to address and formulate a plan to achieve compliance. And although it is about compliance, in reality it is about setting yourself apart from those of your competitors who will simply choose to do nothing.

    Posted: 18/05/2018
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  • With Only a Month to Go: Why GDPR will be a Watershed Moment for Marketing

    As consumers, we’re tired; tired of spam, tired of being gamed into receiving marketing that, in fact, we don’t want and tired of companies that have no regard for our values and, indeed, adopting an approach that that might, in fact, lead us to engage more fully with them, if only they could get away from the old-school approach to marketing. Consumers now want engagement; they don’t want to be ‘sold to’ – the goalposts have moved; to a different pitch!

    Posted: 25/04/2018
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  • ICO Finally granted Warrant for access to Cambridge Analytica

    It has been reported this afternoon, that after several days, including a delay due to the company in question not having an available barrister for the hearing, the Information Commissioner (ICO) has the warrant they sought to search the offices of Cambridge Analytica.

    The delay highlights the weaknesses, however, of the system designed to protect the personal information and data of individuals – something coming into sharp focus with the onset of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Bill, currently moving through Parliament, that will deal with related matters and those at the behest of nation states, that will govern the UK’s data protection regime going forward.

    After May, it is hoped that the UK regulator will have stronger powers to better protect the personal information of data subjects, as companies and businesses continue to prepare for the new rules – our own approach and practical workshops around Data Protection Advice have focused on the competitive advantages for business in fully embracing a Privacy by Design approach throughout their organisations – something we suspect that consumers (particularly given the light being shone on these issues as a result of the misuse of Facebook data within this case) will themselves embrace, exercising their stronger and new-found data protection rights.

    Posted: 23/03/2018
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  • Where Good Data Management is no Longer Optional! #GDPR

    Terrance Murray is an experienced scaffolder and therefore presumably thought it was ok to take a risk; after all, as he might have thought, the likelihood of something going wrong would be low.

    60ft from the ground, he was wearing his safety harness, whilst working from scaffolding set against a building in Manchester. The Problem? It was not attached to anything; he got down ok but the risks to those around him were captured by a retired health and safety inspector, who photographed his antics. The Result? He now faces jail for admitting breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

    The work was being undertaken at the rear of Sunlight House, a Grade II listed building on Quay Street in the City.

    He was witnessed walking on planks with no side rail that might prevent a fall. The potential for life-threatening injuries were therefore significant, whether to him, his apprentice whom had been working below or members of the public on the ground.

    Following the hearing, an HM inspector of health and safety said: “The potential for his actions was the death of a young man. This is a situation which could easily have been avoided. He had all the right equipment.”

    Mr Murray, now facing jail, had not appreciated the significance of his actions but of course in such serious circumstances, there will be no leeway to him. The judge, at Salford Magistrates’ Court recommended he get himself a lawyer when the case comes before the court.

    With the onset of GDPR, replacing the UK Data Protection Act 1998 in May, the adoption of health and safety requirements as the default position on construction sites and other business premises is of course the norm these days. The General Data protection Regulation and its requirements will, no doubt, follow a similar path. Failing to deal with and indeed embrace GDPR, taking a positive approach to good data management, as the default position in your business, will likewise be the norm; why not get ahead and gain competitive advantage now? Take a look at Our Data Protection Advice concerning Data Management, the DPA 1998 and under the upcoming GDPR for businesses, those involved in franchising, the tech sector, care homes and even other law firms! If you are yet to complete or even start your GDPR journey, call us to see how our range of packages, workshops and in-house advice can assist you before 25 May 2018.

    Posted: 20/03/2018
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  • GDPR: The Truth about Fines

    As awareness began to climb around GDPR, towards the end of last year, the media had focussed on the headline-grabbing fines that might be levied for those businesses found to be non-compliant – headline-grabbing indeed; but not reality for most businesses subject to GDPR. In fact, Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s Information Commissioner herself warned last December of ‘scaremongering because of misconceptions.’

    Posted: 04/03/2018
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  • 2nd March: Contact Information

    Although our offices are closed, due to the severe weather, we remain available to our clients and contacts.

    As a result of our major IT upgrade last year, we have full remote availability to our systems, wherever we are, meaning that there should be limited disruption to our services today. Our offices, however, are closed and therefore for best contact information, please e-mail your usual contact, who can reply or call you back, rather than calling our usual telephone numbers.

    We thank you for your understanding and hope everyone remains safe and secure.

    Best wishes from all of the Team at Solicitors Title.

    Posted: 02/03/2018
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  • Second Legal Awards Shortlist for Solicitors Title

    Later this month sees the third annual Devon and Somerset Law Society (DASLS) Legal Awards, recognising the contribution that the South West’s numerous law firms bring to our locality.

    In total 12 awards are being hotly contested, recognising both individuals and firms themselves, across a range of categories which include Client Experience, Corporate Social Responsibility and even Legal ‘Hero’ of the Year! In addition to these, firms of different sizes are also recognised for their overall success. In the 1-10 partner category, Solicitors Title, based in the City’s iconic Gandy Street, is again shortlisted, having been nominated for the same award at the inaugural event in 2016.

    Perhaps fitting, given Solicitors Title celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. Originally set up as a property-focussed firm, with a new focus on the home-buying process, back in 1998, today, a focus on business and the people that own, grow and run them is the focus – from start-ups to some of the South West’s well-known names. Having expanded into Somerset some 5 years’ ago and in 2016 achieving recognition nationally for its corporate and commercial work by independent directory Legal 500, Solicitors Title certainly punches above its weight.

    With a focus on certain sectors, not associated with many of its competitors, the firm is able to differentiate itself from more traditional firms. Technology law, franchising and complex property advice accounts for much of the firm’s work; and keeping their clients up-to-date on the topics that matter is key – feedback from recent events on GDPR – the new data protection code coming in from May this year – has been really positive, reflecting more of a practical approach to advice; being part of your own team rather than a service provider that you hire when things have gone wrong!

    The awards evening is supported by headline sponsor SOS, a specialist legal software company.
    Recognised alongside Solicitors Title in the Best Law Firm 1-10 Partners category, will be Boyce Hatton, Rosie Bracher, Cartridges Law and Beviss & Beckingsale. The awards dinner is being held in March.

    Posted: 28/02/2018
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  • When the Chicken Crossing the Road becomes no joke: KFC

    As reported in recent days, many KFC outlets remain closed across the country, due to problems with a new supplier; what it has called “teething problems”, but whatever the reason, KFC’s predicament brings into sharp focus the reliance on suppliers in business and the risks that can arise if they are unable to deliver – in KFC’s case, literally.

    Until last Tuesday, the South-African owned Bidvest distribution group handled the logistics in delivering KFC’s fresh chicken to its restaurants and outlets across the UK.

    A change in supplier can be a common decision and no doubt, given the significance of KFC’s supply chain to its successful operations through the UK, that decision would not have been taken lightly.

    Whatever the reason, one of the most important aspects in any business relationship, be it with your suppliers, as here, your clients or customers or your staff, is what happens if things go wrong? What a negative way to look at things you might think? But this is not about being negative; in fact it should be a positive aspect of any initial negotiations – sometimes things don’t go to plan; sometimes that will be outside of either party’s control – such as adverse weather delaying a shipment of goods, for example – but sometimes, it is caused by one side, for whatever reason, failing to meet the obligations they had agreed.

    Naturally, in those circumstances, people think of insurance – if I crash my car, the insurance is there to protect me in any claim. However, SMEs have a real opportunity to manage their customer and supplier relationships, through well-thought-out contract terms.

    We were recently advising a technology business on the supply of equipment to a much larger group. Say they on-sell that equipment to their own customers, to be used in ways that our client simply wouldn’t know and for some reason they decide the equipment isn’t suitable, causing them to lose a major contract – is that the responsibility of our client?

    In KFC’s case, what is the value of potential damage to its brand and business from this current issue? With the majority of its outlets closed. And of course that is not only the loss of revenue but the potential for its brand to be tarnished in some way – in fact, KFC have been handling communications around the problem positively, with regular updates, but arguably their new supplier is liable for any losses and damage that they suffer.

    It is often only when problems arise that SMEs and businesses recognise that in fact they do not have contracts in place. Within well-crafted terms and conditions, it is possible to spell out exactly what happens if a problem arises – this includes, practically, what should be done to try and manage the issue but also should outline where liability falls. Is DHL likely to be responsible for the entire loss of revenue suffered by KFC? Business owns can, within their terms, limit the extent of their liability in these kinds of circumstances; both, financially – perhaps with a cap on value of any claim and in terms of the kinds of los that are included – in DHL’s terms, no doubt, they would have excluded liability for loss of business caused by issues in delivery, given these issues are foreseeable. In your business, you can do the same – if a delay in supply to one of your clients and customers causes them to lose a major contract, costing £100,000, can they seek to pass that loss on to you, in a claim for damages? Or have you limited the potential for such claims in well-crafted terms and conditions?

    Devising bespoke contracts and terms for your business can allow you to cover these issues, ensuring the risks in your business are minimized, even if things, as they will, sometimes go wrong. It also ensures that the relationship between you and your clients or customers is stronger, as the basis upon which you are doing business is clear. Click here for more information on our fixed price services in these areas: Commercial Contracts and Online Trading and E-Commerce

    Posted: 22/02/2018
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