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Invirt Reality is at the forefront of developments in the commercialisation of Virtual Reality; our specialisms in technology and intellectual property (IP) law allows us to support their ambitions and future growth, ensuring they are properly protected and are able to develop their business successfully.
About Invirt Reality
Invirt Reality specialises in Virtual Reality (VR) and interactive 3D visualisation; their work includes developing environments where participants can take part in training or other activities, using the VR headsets, allowing them to be fully immersed in the environment (immersive simulation). With a background in the aerospace industry, Invirt Reality has developed simulation models and training systems for a number of high profile companies.
On the service provided by Solicitors Title, director of Invirt Reality, Chris Jones, said:

Invirt Reality has engaged Solicitors Title on a number of occasions. We have found the practice to be extremely professional, efficient and responsive. We would have no hesitation in recommending Solicitors Title to other businesses seeking professional legal advice.


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