Online trading & E-Commerce

We work in an increasingly complex business world. Technologies and the platforms that people are now using to communicate with each other are constantly changing, meaning that the ways in which businesses interact with their customers needs to move with the times.

Trading online is commonplace but the law in this area is complex; small businesses looking to sell their goods and services to a wider geographical market equally need to comply with laws relating to data protection, privacy, cookies and online trading.  Recent changes under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 to the way in which businesses sell online (or where they are not face-to-face with the customer) has seen us advising clients to ensue they are up-to-date under the new law.

We take time to understand the ways in which our clients wish to trade and interact online, meaning that their legal obligations are not only met but also apply in a way that reflects how they actually do business and interact with their current and prospective clients.

However, our work does not just involve how our clients deal with their own clients and customers.  Arrangements with suppliers, particularly where new websites, mobile platforms and e-commerce systems are to be built need equally careful consideration; we work with both technology companies and clients now buying in these services, to ensure their contractual arrangements reflect their ambitions and deliver the value that they are seeking to achieve.

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