Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a valuable business asset.  With the mobile/online world continuing to develop at a remarkable pace, protection of your intellectual property (IP), such as know-how, confidential information, trade-marks and copyright has never been so relevant. 

Our services include advice in relation to copyright issues, including of literacy and artistic works, as well as software and development code for technology companies.

Know-how and confidential information will often be protected in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)/confidentiality agreement, but best advice, in reality, involves practical considerations surrounding how you use and share this information.

Brand protection or trade-mark protection has also become a key area; all businesses, even start-ups, have a name which they would not wish a competitor to attempt to use unfairly.  Registration of a trade mark, whether UK or a via the EU, as a community trade mark (CTM), can be completed for a fixed-fee and our services includes the added value of clearance searches.

Your Specialist for Intellectual Property is...

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Corporate Finance, Franchising, Technology and Media Contracts and Intellectual Property

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