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Franchising can be an excellent way of rapidly growing a business, by allowing others to replicate your tried-and-tested business model. Equally, setting up a new business via franchising will often avoid some of the risks associated with establishing a brand new venture from scratch. It is no surprise, therefore, that in 2012 the franchise industry alone contributed almost £14 billion towards the UK economy.

However, there are many pitfalls for the unwary, which is why you need lawyers who are genuine specialists in not only the law of franchising but who also understand the way in which the franchise industry works.

At Solicitors Title, with over ten years in the franchise industry, we have a real depth of experience in this field; our work has included everything from advising on the establishment of franchise networks for UK and international clients to constructing complex joint venture franchise arrangements for a household name retail client. From drafting franchise and master franchise agreements and intellectual property licences to equipment supply and lease agreements, we are able to offer an all-round service, tailored to our clients’ needs.

For franchisees, we are able to offer a fixed-fee review service, which includes negotiation with the franchisor on specific terms, and the agreement of side-letters where necessary. For anyone contemplating taking on a franchise, we always recommend seeking professional advice from a franchise solicitor before deciding whether to go ahead.

As you might expect we are advocates of ethical franchising, under the Code of Ethics adopted by the British Franchise Association (BFA) and tailor our advice to adhere to current best practice; where our work has an international flavour, such as in Australia and the USA, we liaise with foreign counsel to advise on the relevant franchise Code or Rules as they apply in those jurisdictions.

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