Distribution & Agency

Whether you are a business considering the use of agents or distributors for the first time or are looking to review your current arrangements, we can provide the support and advice that you need.

Our experience in this area includes building worldwide distribution arrangements for clients, allowing their business to continue expansion, but knowing that their reputation and intellectual property are full protected.  Using a commercial agent, we recently set up an agency arrangement to exploit a commercial opportunity identified by one of our clients, allowing them to make the most of the opportunity they had identified.

An agency or distribution arrangement can often prove a cost-effective way to expand your business in to other territories or regions, with which you may be unfamiliar; we regularly guide clients through the pros and cons of each, to help them make the best decisions for their future success.

Often, a successful agency or distribution relationship (similarly to franchising) will allow a business to grow quickly, particularly in to regions or countries where the original business owner does not have geographical experience or contacts.

Once a deal is concluded, we remain available to provide on-going advice on the relationship and can advise on termination or exit provisions, where that proves necessary.

Your Specialist for Distribution & Agency is...

Richard James Partner

Specialises in:
Corporate Finance, Franchising, Technology and Media Contracts and Intellectual Property

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