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GDPR and Data Protection Advice

Details of our Practical Workshops on GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) can be found on Eventbrite – see below. Feedback from sessions undertaken to-date have been positive, including: “Really useful information making it easier

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Commercial contracts

The commercial world has become much more complex and therefore the extent of our services, and range of experience, in this area of our work is broad. Our commercial team provides a complete service, explaining

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Distribution & Agency

Whether you are a business considering the use of agents or distributors for the first time or are looking to review your current arrangements, we can provide the support and advice that you need. Our

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Franchising & licensing

Franchising can be an excellent way of rapidly growing a business, by allowing others to replicate your tried-and-tested business model. Equally, setting up a new business via franchising will often avoid some of the risks

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a valuable business asset.  With the mobile/online world continuing to develop at a remarkable pace, protection of your intellectual property (IP), such as know-how, confidential information, trade-marks and copyright has never been

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Online trading & E-Commerce

We work in an increasingly complex business world. Technologies and the platforms that people are now using to communicate with each other are constantly changing, meaning that the ways in which businesses interact with their

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