Debt recovery

Good credit control management can be the lifeblood of any business; unfortunately, debtors and the slow payment of invoices are a burden faced by all businesses, whatever their sector. Outstanding debts can place unnecessary cashflow pressure on a business and, ultimately, can lead to a business’ demise, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Prompt and effective recovery of money owed can provide significant benefits to a business, allowing it to develop and grow faster with the additional access to cash that might otherwise have been written-off.

Our debt recovery services reflect the need to ensure that the costs involved are proportionate. We will quickly understand the nature of the debt and the client relationship; it may be that the client is an important client in your business and therefore an over-zealous approach in those circumstances may be unacceptable.

Often an initial letter outlining your claim will result in immediate and full payment; however, where that is not the case, we can work with you in pursuing money owed, including the issue and enforcement of court proceedings where appropriate.

Your Specialist for Debt recovery is...

Richard James Partner

Specialises in:
Corporate Finance, Franchising, Technology and Media Contracts and Intellectual Property

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