Joint Ventures

A merger between two businesses may not be commercially attractive for a number of reasons, but if those businesses are able to complement one another by adding greater expertise in, perhaps, a specific field not covered by the other, some form of alliance between the two might be beneficial.

Our work involves advising on and negotiating these kinds of arrangements, to include consideration of the pros and cons of a joint venture or strategic alliance at the outset; however, deciding that there is scope to work together is only the beginning; a multitude of considerations will need to be addressed. By including relevant provisions dealing with issues such as the rights and responsibilities of the parties, ownership rights in anything created and how any revenue produced is to be shared, the possibility of expensive disputes later down the line can be minimised.

Our advice is tailored to reflect the specific nature of your commercial arrangement, ensuring that collaboration and co-operation is at the heart of your deal, with the peace of mind that your rights associated with the JV are fully protected.

Like our work in franchising and distribution, supporting you to conclude a mutually-beneficial deal which properly protects your interests is what we strive to achieve.

Your Specialist for Joint Ventures is...

Richard James Partner

Specialises in:
Corporate Finance, Franchising, Technology and Media Contracts and Intellectual Property

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