A Toolkit and a Practical Solution for GDPR – 25th May

We have been actively working on GDPR for almost a year now, helping clients and contacts navigate the changes that this new data protection law will bring about. Sadly, many have been misled, remain confused or, despite attending lots of seminars, are still lost as to what to do! Is this you?

With GDPR taking effect one week today, there is little time, but there is time to address and formulate a plan to achieve compliance. And although it is about compliance, in reality it is about setting yourself apart from those of your competitors who will simply choose to do nothing.

In a recent interview on BBC Breakfast, the Information Commission, Elizabeth Denham, said:

“Companies and public bodies are already realising that good business means proper control and responsible control over personal data; that’s what customers demand; that’s what customers need and that’s what citizens expect”, adding that “we will take action against those who are negligence or mis-use personal data.”

By not doing anything, consumers will no doubt read that to mean that a business is not interested in responsibly looking after their information; itself, not good for business.

If you still don’t know where to start, I’ve attached part of our GDPR toolkit that I thought may be useful in dispelling some of the myths and mis-information that you may have heard! We have also been staggered to see businesses saying they are removing people from their e-mail marketing lists if they do not actively consent by 25th May. In many cases this is not necessary and is actively damaging those businesses through a lack of knowledge or having been told something that simply isn’t correct.

If you are looking at these issues but are unsure how to meet the 25th May deadline, our practical toolkit and added support, tailored to the right level depending on the size and type of organisation that you are, will help overcome the question that we keep hearing : ‘but I just don’t know where to start’!

Areas where we are actively helping businesses include:

1. Ensuring contracts are updated to cover GDPR provisions – this is mandatory; not optional;
2. Redrafting privacy and cookie policies and notices, demonstrating transparency;
3. Updating internal procedures, staff policies and handbooks, reflecting new obligations;
4. Advising on the correct approach to marketing, particularly e-mail marketing and using lists; and
5. Assisting, through the remainder of our toolkit, in demonstrating compliance – a key GDPR theme.

Do e-mail or call us now to put in place the steps that you need in time for 25th May. The ICO expect all businesses (not just large ones) to be able to show that they have a plan and are implementing it. So contact us and we can tailor a plan for you, to your needs and budget, in good time.

Posted: 18/05/2018
Categories: GDPR